Monday, March 11, 2019


It's been one year...Officially one year since my world was rocked again by a vicious injury. 

One year, 22 days since I broke bones in my foot, my ankle on both sides and my leg. 

Talk about devastating!

But I'm still here...and I'm a little better.

I still limp. I still go to therapy. I still have another surgery coming up and I still wear an ankle brace. 

But I'm a little better. 

Although I was writing up a storm in the beginning; I have slacked off. Not for any reason other than, I just didn't feel like it. author not feeling like writing. Yes people it happens. 

I know I got sucked into just sitting and looking into space for so long, that sitting at a computer and actually writing, felt like...well it felt like work.

WTH! I just retired and I surely didn't want to feel like I was working again. 

Then I had to think about why it felt like work. 

Well, I am writing a murder/mystery and I have never done that before. 

I know there are pieces of the puzzle that go in a certain order but I am not a "certain order type of writer". I like to just sit down and write. 

Well writing a mystery is nothing like what I'm used to and I had to use that part of my brain that I don't like to. The thinking part. The part that says, you can't write that; it's not in order. That can't happen first because this already happened" part of my brain.

See, I like writing from the seat of my pants. I HATE outlining or having to think about the next chapter or line. But that is what writing a mystery is like; (for me anyway). So I stopped writing and just gazed at the TV, FB, Instagram and my website (s). 

Since I loved traveling, I've been doing that as well and also helping others realize their travel dreams. 

In short, I've been doing everything else except writing. Well that all ended yesterday. I had a loyal fan come up to me on Friday and said, "I'm almost tired of waiting on you to have another book. But I'm gonna keep waiting cause I love your style." Now THAT's loyalty. 

So I broke out the computer and have been typing my little fingers away. So look for my new novel soon. So hopefully my first murder mystery will be out soon..unless the publisher thinks otherwise. But anyway, I'm back on the wagon...

The writing wagon that is. 

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