Monday, December 4, 2017


It's the end of the year, so what is next?

Well now is the time that you need to sit down and make a budget for all of the things you want to do, get or get done that involves your writing.

Are you going to transform that extra bedroom into an office for your writing? Well now is the time to get those great deals on all things that you will need. You will need a new desk, a new chair; maybe a computer or a new light. And if you use that office solely for your writing, you can deduct some of that cost on your taxes. But make sure you talk to an LICENSED tax professional about it.

Now, what conference was too expensive this year, that you might want to attend next year? 
Now is the time for you to make plans and a budget to get to that conference. Don't let another year go by that you don't attend a conference. You don't have to go for the weekend or week. Choose one that you can attend for one day. Choose one that you and a couple of your author friends can attend together. Share a room, split the cost. Better yet. Split the cost of a conference. Chose one that is at least two days long. Then decide which day you and your friend will want to attend and co-share the conference. Getting that experience is better than missing it.

Well, what if you don't want to go to a conference or fix up that room. Well you still need marketing materials, right?

Here's your chance to make a budget for those business cards, banners, table scapes, book holders and all things that you will need for your display. 
Don't forget about about things to give away. After all, we all like FREE things, right.

Now, here's the last thing you need: BOOKS. 

Your books to be exact!

You need to order a stock of your books; at least 50 to keep in your car; at work, or anywhere you are traveling. After all, YOU are the BEST salesperson your know.

So, the end of the year is almost here, what are YOU going to do next?

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