Wednesday, March 16, 2016


Spring is almost here and the question is; Are you ready?

As an author we should be ready at all times but spring is the time that we should get ourselves in gear for the upcoming 'conference' and 'writing' season.

March and April are typically when you make your definite plans on what conferences, trips or writing events you will attend.

Why you may ask?

Because once you file your taxes you have a little more liquidity to plan such events. In some cases your tax refund may fund your writing endeavors.

In most cases your tax refund will also replenish your stock of books, postcards and marketing swag.

So go online, research some local writing or conferences for writers. Sign up for some that you can afford and then take a look at your marketing handbag. (You do have one don't you?) and see what needs to be thrown out, restocked or refreshed and get to work because it is Spring cleaning time as well. 

So, I'll ask the question again...Are you ready for Spring? and if not; why?

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