Thursday, October 17, 2013


Have you ever received flowers, for no reason at all? 

Have you ever been sent an email that says, just wanted to make you smile?

Have you ever been told, let's go out to dinner/lunch/breakfast because I want to give you a break?

If you have than you know that those little things mean a lot to women AND men. Let me be clear. Men like to get those little things also.

My "just because"
Have you sent your man flowers just because you thought about the way he looked at your last week? If you haven't why not? Men like to receive small tokens of affection from their ladies just as much as we like to receive them.

Think about the time you gave your guy or significant other a massage as he sat down to read the paper or watch television. I can almost guarantee that he was shocked but he enjoyed it also.

Rubbing his feet, giving him a pedicure, giving him a massage or doing something as small as bringing him a glass of water after he has mowed the lawn is almost as good as receiving that huge bouquet of roses on your desk on +valentinesday valentines 

To prove my point, I sent a co-worker a nice gift basket of sausages w/cheeses because he had mentioned that he enjoyed them but only got them as gifts around the holidays. I sent him one with a card that read, "Because you shouldn't have to wait until the holidays" and I didn't sign my name, but he knew it was me because we had shared that conversation only a few days before.

See things like that for a man as well as a woman, means a lot. 

Now, how many of you are going to do something special for that person in your life, just because? My challenge to you do something for someone, something small. 

Remember, it doesn't have to be for your wife, girlfriend, husband, boyfriend, or significant other. It could be for the friend who listens to you when they could be doing something else. 

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