Monday, October 28, 2013


Zombie Stomper
Now, you all know that my blog has everything to do with books, shoes and writing. But who would have thought that today, well actually last week, I would find these shoes. If you look very carefully you will see a +zombie face on the side of this shoe. The most shocking thing is...its called the "Zombie Stomper" Stiletto and it can be found at +ShoeDazzle

Yes, Shoe Dazzle has managed to find the one shoe that I would not wear. Not that it isn't cute as all get out, but I'm to damn scared of zombies. I don't want them to close to my feet.  I don't want them to be tempted to eat my toes and than I'd be fair game if I were to topple over and then they could have their way with my brains and do all matters of things to my face and their breath, my god it has to smell horrible!

Sure +Christine Verstraete is an expert in all things zombies but I am not. Her novel; Girl Z: My Life as a Teenage Zombie is all the rage this Halloween! It follows Becca as she tried to adjust to her life...well you get the book and read it for yourself.  Now back to the story.  When I happened upon this truck, I sent her the picture because I couldn't believe my eyes. First the truck, now shoes! I think something is happening and they are not letting me in on the secret.

Zombie Response Team Vehicle
See they want to lure me into believing that you can be stylish all while trying to cover your head to prevent the zombies from getting at your brain. Then they tell you to run away, which they wouldn't have to worry about that, and not to worry because zombies only move from side to side which makes it hard for them to keep up. They say move to higher ground because zombies can't climb stairs...Whatever! In the +TheWalkingDeadSeries they seem to do JUST FINE IN FINDING THE HEALTHY PEOPLE.  Ok, sorry for yelling but this is an emergency! These people, or zombies or whomever they are,  want us fashionable women to be lured into a false sense of security by purchasing these +Stilettos Stompers so that we can kill them with our shoes. ARE YOU CRAZY!

Lady Killer Fugg
First, any fashionable woman wouldn't kill zombies in our good shoes. Besides that green stuff will squirt out, yeah; I don't want that on my shoes! I barely want to walk in the rain with my nice shoes on. So instead I recommend these beauties on the right. See they are low enough so that you can keep your balance. Comfortable enough that your feet will stay warm and they even come with a flower to give the illusion that you want the zombies not fear you and then WHAM! 

You get them in the head and watch that green stuff fly, which won't matter in these beauties because these shoes are machine washable. Stomp away in these Lady Killer Fugg from +ShoeDazzle and your home will be safe from zombies. Than you can call the +ZombieResponseTeam to come and clean up the rest of that mess. 
Happy Halloween! 

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