Wednesday, September 25, 2013


Have you ever been so excited about something that you just bought and couldn’t wait to start using it.
Well for me it’s all about shoes and pens. Yes, that’s right, PENS. As in writing utensils. It all started about a year ago at Linganore Winery in Frederick Maryland. I came across this woman named Sandra and she was selling pens. But they weren’t your run of the mill, average BIC pen. They were custom pens. Not like a feather and quill but with beads, spacers and charms. I fell in LOVE. She made me my first pen, the gold/silver number. Ever since then that pen ONLY goes with me to my book events. Well this past week, I saw her again. She was at Creatures, Crimes and Creativity and she had her pens. I was like a kid at Christmas! She saw me and remembered me since we share something in common and she said,

“How is your pen holding up”
I told her that I only use it for signing books at my events and she said
I said, “Because I don’t want anyone else to take my pen” besides, I really don’t want to leave it at work.”
She said, “well you need another pen”. 
which one would you choose?
Ahhhhhh! (cue the heavenly music)
Yes, I do! I need another pen.
So she asked me my favorite football and team and I said, Dallas and then she pointed out this blue/white/silver number and again (cue heavenly music)
I was in LOVE all over again. My hands were sweaty, my mouth went dry and my heart raced. Oh god! I must be having a heart attack. But no, I was having a ‘moment’.
For there in the small cradle, with a glowing light over top of it, was MY pen. My glorious pen! The pen I have been waiting for all of my life. The pen of my dreams….screech!
Ok, I know you must think I’m crazy or neurotic but I’m not. I’m just a sucker for a great pen!
I picked it up and fell in love all over again. Now my baby rests in the cute little pen holder on my brand new desk at work and everyone so jealous. I get to pick it up every day; hold it, feel it’s weight in my hands and watch as the ink flows perfectly from the point. When I finish with it, I wipe it down and set it down gently. (Ok, THAT could sound a little crazy)
But I’m in PEN HEAVEN!
Does this make me write better? I think so. At first I just scrawled out my name, now I take precious moments to make sure that the B and the  S and the W are perfectly created and that when I’m done, I twist the barrel and let the point slide back into its protective shell.
Yes, the right writing utensil makes for perfecting writing.