Monday, September 23, 2013


Have you ever been to a conference and felt like a fish out of water?  I have and it is a very lonely feeling. I'm happy to say that it hardly ever happens to me anymore but sometimes it does. This weekend, I attended the Creatures, Crimes and Creativity in Baltimore Maryland and I can say that friendships were formed and solidified.
Dee, B. SWANGIN, Monica and KR
You see, there I met up with dear friends, Author Dee Lawrence and new author +KR Raye and +Monica Mathis-Stowe . I have known these two beautiful women for about two years and our friendship started as authors supporting one and another and has grown to become a friendship of support, encouragement and downright fun times being had when we are in the same room. We can routinely be heard asking, "Can you take our picture? Wait, Can you take it again?"

This weekend we welcomed into our author sorority, Monica Mathias Stowe. She attended the conference based on a recommendation from Dee. She used the time to write some chapters into her new novel and then on the second night, she got involved with our playtime at the bar. Although there was more picture taking than drinking going on.

Can't you tell?

We all dressed up in our finest and turned heads of everyone in the room. We laughed, joked and gave tips on things such as writing,
conferences and how to walk in five inch heels.
I hope that she will come back and hang out with us because we like hanging out with her.
If you think that author conferences are just full of writing and learning, you are sadly mistaken. Writers conferences are the playground of authors! We have fun all while learning something important. Most importantly, it is about making new friends!

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  1. There's networking and then there's NETWORKING! It's not just about who can help you get ahead in the business. It's also about finding those people you can talk to when you get stuck, when the words won't come and the characters won't behave - people who actually understand what it's like to try to make that magic on the page. Conferences like Creatures, Crimes & Creativity are perfect for that!