Tuesday, January 8, 2013

New Year, New Goals

As the New Year came rushing in, I sat down and wrote out my goals for the year.

How many of us have done this? I'm not talking about goals in general; I'm talking about goals for my writing.

Not resolutions like; I'm going to write for an hour a day, more like; I'm going to write for at least five (5) hours every week.

Goals like, I'm going to spend $500 on attending conferences this year.

Goals like, I'm going to self-publish my next novel but I'm going to PAY for an editor and not give it to grandma or my friend to read.

Those are goals that every author should be making.

Realistic goals; goals that will make you succeed as an author.

My goals; well they are simple. I want to write for 5 hours each week. I want to stop work at 6pm every night and enjoy my family. I want to attend 6 conferences this year. (I'm already signed up for 4) I want to have my novel ready by November 1. (I'm almost finished)I want to be interviewed on radio. (Yep; already crossed off)

See those goals are what I will cross off, when they are completed and replace with a new one.

So tell me; What are your goals for this new year?

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