Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Looking good means writing well.

You look good, you feel good….
That was my son’s motto while he played football. He had to be one of the best dressed athletes on the field but it showed in his level of play.
I take that to heart every day. I dress the way I want to feel.
You may be asking: well what does that have to do with writing. Well, I showed you, a couple of months ago, a picture of my writing room and that is where “I feel good.”  So if I feel good, I write well.
Some authors have shared their office space photos with me and some of shared their writing space photos with me and sometimes I look and then I totally understand why ‘they aren’t inspired.”
Maybe it has to do with the hundreds of pieces of paper cluttering your desk. Or the post-it notes that are stuck on everything. Maybe it has to do with the dim light over your computer or maybe it’s because your space is cluttered and the more you sit at your desk; the more your mind wanders to “I should straighten my desk”, or “I need to throw those papers away that are on the floor.” Either way, you mind is too cluttered with cleaning and can’t focus on writing.
Is this to say that I’m always neat and tidy? Heck no! To the contrary, but what I do is; every time I sit down to write; it’s with a clean desk and everything is neat and orderly. By the time I get up; yes, I have post-it notes and paper thrown everywhere BUT I don’t leave it like that. I finish up; then I clean up. So that when I come back, my space is neat and clean and I can get right to writing.
So, the saying; you look good; you feel good; you feel good; you play good.
Holds true for me.
My desk looks good, so I write well.
Simple, right? Now, to clean up this mess before I get my lunch.

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