Thursday, March 17, 2011

Write, now?

Have you ever been asked, when do you have time to write?
I am asked this almost every day, and on the day that I am not asked that, I'm answering emails about it.

Well, I'll answer that question like I normally do.

I don't FIND time to write, the time FINDS me.

I write whenever the mood strikes me. I might be in the shower and a thought will hit me and I will grab my cellphone; call myself and leave a voicemail. Then I'll go back and listen to it and continue the thought on paper. Other times, I can be sitting at my "real" job and my characters will 'walk in the room' and start "talking". I keep a steno pad on my desk, at all times, that I use for this very purpose.

Now, it gets a little tricker when I'm driving, but I manage. (I won't share that little trick, as there are now laws in place)

So, when do you find the time to write.

How about, write now.

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