Thursday, March 10, 2011

What is a good book?

This week we will discuss books. I myself like many different types of books. Besides reading my own books, I love a good urban book, not to be confused with street lit novels. I like a story to move along and pull me in to it so much, that I will lose sleep trying to read, "just one more page".

Actually I have bought books and sat in the parking lot of Borders and read almost half of the book before driving off. I have my list of favorite authors, E. Lynn Harris being at the top of that list. He passed away about almost two years ago, and he wrote books that dealt with down-low brothers and the gay community. I have recently found a new author that has pulled me into a genre of books that I never thought I would enjoy.

I never thought I was a mystery kinda girl, but it turns out that I am. I first read The Troubleshooter by Austin S. Camacho and absolutely fell in love with the story. Maybe I should say I fell in love with a character. I fell in love with Hannibal Jones, who is a private detective.  If this was a "real" man..I would be all OVER him. But I digress. The author of the Hannibal Jones Series is Mr. Austin S. Camacho.

Camacho spins a story so well that I can't wait to turn the next page. (Yes, this would be the book that I would read in the parking lot of Borders.)

Many of Camacho's stories involves some sort of problem that only Mr. Jones (Hannibal) can solve. Now why can't that man be real, or is he?
See that's the beauty of a good book. You wish that the story was real, even though you know that shoot outs don't happen during the middle of the day with a street full of people. 

I would encourage everyone to go to your local Borders (better hurry before it closes its doors for good) and grab a book by a new author off the shelf. You might be amazed at how great the story could be.

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