Monday, September 13, 2021


Since April, I have been dealing with being a ''long hauler''. 

Since having Covid-19, I still cant smell, my taste came back about three weeks ago but I continue to suffer with fatigue and the massive headache.

I'm a long hauler.

One thing that has gotten me through is my friends. The other thing that has gotten me through are books and the last thing that has gotten me through is cigars.

Yes, you read that right. CIGARS.

I camp a lot and some friends was telling me of the soothing effect that cigars have on their moods and how it just makes everything going on seem less important.

Expressing an interest, that I have always had, Walter and his wife Pam began telling me about the joy they experience when smoking cigars.

After they told me all of this; I told them that I wasn't sure I would be able to smoke it because I don't like inhaling.

That is when they told me that you don't inhale, you only puff. As in suck in a little then blow out. Even showed me and then they gifted me with my very first cigar. +TheStogieCo. Grape was the one they gave me and I loved it. I couldn't taste it, I felt it.

Yes, you feel the creamy, silky smooth vapor in your mouth. It feels like cold vanilla ice cream. Not that store brand ice cream, +HaagenDazs Vanilla. 

I have been in heaven ever since. Cigar heaven. 

It has helped me deal with the headaches and it has helped me deal with no smell. 

In the coming weeks, I will be talking to some people who smoke cigars and why they do, how they started and what it does for them. 

Stay with me cause this ride has just started.

This life change happened and oh, so did retiring after 27 years in the Charles County Public School System.

Yes, my life has changed and I am living my BEST LIFE.

What about you?

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