Tuesday, May 29, 2018


Some people believe that Memorial Day is for ALL veterans.

Let's be clear. It's for the ones that lost their life. Don't walk up to a service member and say Happy Memorial Day. 

They aren't the ones you need to thank.

Did you go to the cemetery and lay some flowers? Did you go visit a family of a service member who came home 'under' the flag?

See, most people think that this day of remembrance is about having a party, grilling out or saying Thank you to the military people they pass in the street.

It's about us remembering that our freedom, our lives and our country is free because of the people that gave their lives so that we could have freedom of speech and the freedom to live as we choose.

Given that the NFL just ruled that the players are NOT FREE to kneel has upset me. 

Colin Kapernick was kneeling, not because he was disrespecting the flag. Those of you that take exception to that, missed the entire point of his kneeling.

He was kneeling because he took exception to the line in the National Anthem that said, "and justice for all." Justice, as he was protesting, isn't for all. It is for those of you, who's skin color is not dark. Justice isn't for those of us that are male, black and young. 

So Memorial Day is meant for those that gave their lives so that Colin could kneel. 

Make sure you know how to celebrate this day. 

I don't say Happy Memorial Day to my dad or my daughter. 

I say it to those that can't hear me, at Cheltenham Veterans Cemetery or Arlington National Cemetery.

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