Monday, October 30, 2017


Change is hard for people and change for me is always hard.

I've been working on this manuscript for almost a year and didn't want to change a thing.

That was until Regina (character in the novel) kept telling me that I was writing her part all wrong.

Like, what? Really?

But after stepping away from it and re-reading it. She was right.

Her part should have been much bigger. I had been making her twin sister the main character; while all along it should have been Regina.

See I thought that Regina just wanted the limelight for herself. Turns our she actually is the one driving the story. Who knew? 

So, after bidding a farewell to over 50 pages of the story; I'm back on track. 

Regina is happy. Her twin is much more rounded and I'm on a roll with my murder mystery.

See, in this case; change WAS good.

I'm just glad that the change came BEFORE I wrote; THE END

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