Sunday, October 5, 2014


That is the question I ask a lot of people and a lot of people ask me the same thing.

This week I am doing a lot. So I decided to give you a run down of what my week normally looks like.

Sunday: Today I sat down with the committee of the #MDC3Con and talked about the final preparations for the amazing conference in Hunt Valley Maryland. Then I will have a meeting with my stylist, my personal assistant and also my publishers. Yes, although Sunday is supposed to be a day of rest, I'm not resting.

Monday: I will work a full 8 hours, then put in another five hours at my office of Intrigue Publishing. Then I have a networking event to attend at 6:30 and then hopefully it is off to bed by at least 11pm.

Tuesday: I have a production meeting for my show on Wednesday. That is only after I work eight hours at the middle school and five hours at the office of I.P and then hopefully I will get home before 11pm but somehow I don't think that will happen.

Wednesday: I have a radio show to do at 4pm. But before that I have to work eight hours and then prepare my guests and intern for the show. I will be on the air until 5 pm at +WLVS Radio and then at 6 pm I will need to meet some fans to drop off their signed novels and then meet a great group of readers for an impromptu book club meeting. Home by 11 pm. (again, fingers crossed)

Thursday: I recover from the show and then prepare for next week's show. I will then head to Baltimore for a meal prepared by a very special chef and then I will prepare the bags, gifts and questions for my assignment at the +MdC3Con

Friday: The #MdC3con begins and I am one of the members who need to be there at 9 am. Then I will moderate a few panels, talk about social media and then network at the bar afterwards. The day will end sometime around 11 pm or until I finish up my last drink.

Saturday: I am still at the conference and the day will start pretty early. While you sleep at 7 am I will be up and making sure the panelists and rooms are set up for the second day of the conference. I will then moderate and be on panels.

Now, that is a normal week. Except that the conference is probably replaced by the book club event, special speaking event and/or Reading Diva's event.

So now that you know what I am doing; what are YOU doing this week?

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