Friday, May 3, 2013

The power of...

The power of the social media.

People are using Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and many other social media outlets to get the 'word' out.

Using social media can lead to arrests in such cases like the Boston Bombers or to raise money with sites such as GoFund Me.

In any case, make sure that when you use social media, that you use it responsibly.

Facebook had a video posted of a woman being beheaded and when people complained about it, their answer was. "This video did not meet the criteria of graphic violence". Really? What is more graphic than a woman having her head cut off while she is alive.

Now, the video of the man whipping his daughters with a cable cord for dancing inappropriately; was taken down IMMEDIATELY...but a video of a woman getting her head cut off WASNT...what is wrong with this picture.

Did this woman not deserve the same level of respect that those two teenagers did..I ask you...where does social media's responsiblity begin and end?

The power of social media is such that if it is violent or graphic they have to 'determine' if it is 'too graphic'.

News outlets have an obligation to 'warn their audience' of graphic content. Why doesn't facebook have this same obligation?

The power of social media...use it responsibly


  1. Hi B, I'm commenting on your first post which was hysterical. I loved reading it. I have a tough time finding whereto post on this site as you can see.

    All the best, Micki