Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Just an Observation

      So, the weather is turning colder and are sexy sandals that we wore during the summer and spring months are now being pushed to the back of the closet.
      So who told grown women that wearing those colorful rain boots was OK? I mean really.
      Do I want to see a woman in her 30's crossing the street in front of me with a pair of sesame street colored boots on with her nice business suit. Really people? Let's be serious here. There are plenty, let me repeat, PLENTY, of sexy boots that can be worn in the rain and they don't involve primary colors. Leave those color boots to the people under 20 that need a little help finding something to wear with that yellow rain slicker. And speaking of rain slickers, can we PLEASE put away the basic yellow overcoat? There are a bevy of grey/blue/black rain coats that would be far more stylish than the policemen yellow. Don't you agree.
      So pull out those fall catalogs and let's find some sexy boots to go with that nice rain coat.
      You just may be surprised on how many men will stop you in the rain to comment on how pulled together you look.
Happy shopping!

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