Thursday, May 26, 2011

Summer Shoes

 Ladies and gentlemen:
 It is that time of year where summer shoes take center stage. For those of us that look forward to putting our best foot forward; now is the time to do just that.
 For me, summer shoes mean two things; strappy heels and espadrilles. It's a chance to show off those four and five inch sandals that have been anxiously waiting for their turn in the spotlight; or should I say, sunlight. They have been pushed to the back of the closet long enough and now they are front and center.
  Summer isn't summer unless you have at least one pair of espadrilles in the closet and you don't have to go for the highest heel, maybe some nice flip flops; and NO, I am not talking about those dollar ones from Old Navy; I'm talking the nice ones with the hard soles with the cute little design. See those are the flip flops we ladies need to wear. Now don't go getting in a huff. Old Navy flip flops are FINE...just not with that cute summer dress. Those flip flops are for the beach. Let's be clear here ladies; in this day and age, men like to see women who are put together from their HEAD to their FEET. Just because they haven't said anything about your flip flops, doesn't mean they haven't noticed. Summer is the time that men like to see their women's feet and this is the time of year that we should be at our best.
  So what are you waiting for? Memorial day is three days away and the shoe stores are prepared for the onslaught of women. If you comment and would like to leave a pic of your sexiest sandal, feel free. If your a man and would like to comment; also feel free. I am all aglow with the anticipation of my first new pair of summer sandals. Rest assured, you will see them here in the next couple of weeks.
   Happy shopping!


  1. Well, this is the word of the expert for sure. But here's the question. If a man sees a pair of strappy heels he thinks his lady will look fine in, should he just get them and expect her to love the gesture? OR is this one of those purchases the woman needs to be present for?

  2. Yes, ladies leave the flip flops in you car for when you are driving only. We can't have you messing up those heels with scuff marks.

  3. In this expert's opinion; he should buy the strappy heels and present them. Due in part because of the gesture of him taking the time to look for heels; she will appreciate that. It should also be noted that when a woman shops for shoes and asks for the man to go with her; she is probably going to make a purchase specifically for him.