Friday, April 22, 2011

Shoe sexiness....

Ever found a pair of shoes that makes you shudder? Well I have continually found shoes like that; but this past weekend, I was given the gift of a pair of brown/tan MIA shoes that made me more than shudder. They have straps across the foot and around the ankle. They are 4 1/4 inch heels and have a peep toe. 
I can't believe how good I look in these shoes! I had to show you a picture so you would know just what I mean...and Yes, I am tooting my own horn...Beep! Beep! To see more pics of my sexy shoes, you have to visit my website:

When you find a pair of shoes that will make you feel up your own legs, then you know that those shoes are da bomb! When you find a pair of shoes that make you purposely pass in front of mirrors, windows, or doors just to get a look at your legs in them; you've found a pair of sexy shoes.

I know lots of ladies have had those days and the men in their lives really appreciate it. So on behalf of the ladies who have men in their lives who appreciate a nice, sexy pair of shoes; Your very welcome.

Now, I'm not promoting one site or store; but the shoes that I received came from ShoeBacca , online shoe shopping at it's best and the shoes that Dee Lawrence submitted came from Macy's in the Annapolis Mall here in Maryland.

Dee Lawrence Sexy Shoes

If you have a pair of sexy shoes that you would like featured, leave a comment and then your email address with a picture of your shoes and tell me why you think your shoes are sexy. Who knows, maybe I'll have a contest to find the sexiest pair of heels online.
What do you think ladies? Any excuse to buy shoes, right?

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  1. I don't generally wear shoes that I consider sexy, but I want to put my name on the list right now to be one of the judges in that contest. But you gotta get better pics cuz you can't tell how sexy the shoes are unless you see the leg at least up the knees. ;-)