Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Summer is here....

Well not quite, but oh my goodness! I am as happy as a pig in slop, or maybe as happy as a dog with a bone, or maybe I'm as happy as a kid with candy. No, I got it! I'm as happy as a woman with NEW SHOES!

Oh heck yeah! You have got to love summer! Right, well you don't have to love it, but you have to admit that it is really nice to throw those sweaters in the closet, put those boots away and let your toes breath in a nice pair of stiletto heels!

Imagine my giddiness, and I am sure you can feel it in this post; as I opened up a shoe box with the most incredible shoes ever! My best friend, Denise; ok, maybe I shouldn't use her name, but she has to get her proper due. She gave me the most beautiful pair of tan, strappy heeled shoes, and when I tell you that my feet look INCREDIBLE in them, I aint lying! (you will see, just wait for it)

These shoes came as a surprise gift on my birthday and I can barely stop looking at my own feet! I tell you, I think I am in love. Yes, I know I am in love with these shoes! They are so me! They are 5 inches of sexiness! They are sleek, and they have just the right amount of silver accents to be sexy and not trashy! Snaps! Did I mention that they have snaps! Yep. Instead of buckles or ties, they snap around the ankle! Oh My Gosh! If I could walk down the aisle and marry these shoes, I'd be saying, I do.

I had gotten a deluxe pedicure that day, so to come home and see my new 5 inch stilettos made me a little teary-eyed. (yes, a new pair of shoes makes tears spring to my eyes like a summer shower) #dontjudgeme.
As I slipped my newly polished purple toes into them, I couldn't wait to show them off at work! Trust me when I tell you, the men at my office, went crazy over my new shoes.

Yes, summer is here and boy am I ready! I have my new tan strappy sandels and I bought myself a black pair with a zipper on the back and a bow on the side. Ok, I won't show you that picture until next time. I want you to drink in all of the sexiness of the Strappy Shelly's that I have on. (now you do know I name my shoes, right?)
Now see for yourself. If you don't think these shoes are sexy....well keep that to yourself.

Until next time.