Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Royalty should have it's perks, Pt.2

Princess needed a day to compose herself, but she is here to finish her post. Please welcome her back.
Like I was saying before emotions overtook me,they moved me into a much smaller castle and then they finally decided that we needed to move on. And now finally, I have taken over my new castle. It is much bigger and has lots of hiding spaces.

They insist on trying to make me behave but after what they put me through, they are lucky that I haven't "stamped" the entire castle.

The one with the spikey shoes is always making loud, annoying noises whenever I try and scratch up the carpet, so I stay clear of her. The one with the deep voice, he doesn't really care at all. So I go and give him the priviledge of petting me every now and again. The one with that likes to play with me the most, she's the push over. So I can do what I want with her. As long as I play with her ever so often, I can scratch until my heart is content. Wait..what's this. Oh No! The spikey heeled one has turned her against me. She is now making that same annoying noise!
She thinks I am going to let her continue to take my picture. I think not.

The fur-less ones are trying to stop me but I will win this battle. They just haven't seen 'all' of my work.