Thursday, May 10, 2012


Today I turn over my blog to my guest Delinda McCann. Talk about a kindred spirit....only another shoe person would understand. Happy Reading...

I grew up as a cute shoes person in a sensible shoes household. How did that happen? It was a cruel joke of fate. My parents were of the mistaken opinion that sensible shoes kept your feet warmer or dryer than cute shoes. Wrong. Sensible shoes still get wet and when they do, you cannot easily slip your feet free to rub against each other and get warmed up. Sensible shoes stay wet longer than cute little strappy things that dry out in no time. My parents refused to believe the basic physics involved in the question of whether big clunky shoes stay wet longer than little strappy cute shoes.
I did talk my parents into a few shoes that were not too bad. As a preschooler, I talked them into some cute little red shoes with a strap and buckle for Sunday school. I really wanted black Mary Janes, but I settled for the red strappy shoes and wore them every chance got. Sneaking out of the house in my cute shoes became a major strategy exercise for me as a very small child.
The shoe war raged without compromise until…um…oh…okay…now you will know that I am old. The shoe war raged without compromise until my parents and I agreed on a pair of white bucks. I even had a bunny bag so I could stop what I was doing and powder my shoes at the first sign of a scuff. I remember powdering my shoes in class instead of studying. I think my grades suffered while I powdered my shoes.
My first purchase when I arrived at college was a pair of cute shoes. I was finally free of my parent’s shoe tyranny. I went to the shoe store and bought the cutest pair of sandals you ever saw. From the sandals, I progressed to a pair of darling, plush lined, fur trimmed snow boots for winter.
All of my torment about sensible shoes is long in my past. I’ve had a long history of high heels, straps, buttons and darling laces. It was about four years ago that I learned that cute shoes are therapeutic. I had a small stroke. My physical therapist toldme to exercise by walking on my tip-toes. I asked about high heels. She said, “Yes! Wearing high heels would be very good for restoring my reflexes and balance.” For the first time in my life, I had a great excuse to buy more cute shoes. I got a pair of yellow strappy sandals with a three-inch heel. My new boots had a strong wedge heel. I have the cutest magenta heels that I bought for a wedding shower. Cute shoes are a valid quality of life issue. I credit my cute shoes for helping me regain full balance and strength after my stroke and for bringing a bit of joy into my life every time I look at my feet.


  1. Finally; even doctors knew that wearing heels was a good thing!

  2. Well, this turned out to be inspirational. You got a physical therapist to say that high heels are actually GOOD for you? That therapist would be very popular among ladies I know.

    Nice piece - makes me want to see your other writing!

  3. GREAT post! Like you, I was forced to wear unattractive sensible shoes as a child - 5-pound saddle oxfords. Not the cute, lightweight ones, but industrial-strength clodhoppers. I felt like Darlin' Clementine in my "herring boxes without topses." So glad you were able to overcome that childhood trauma. I was too!

  4. Reading the above comment...lolol. Well, there are pros and cons with heels. For me the jury is still out. a 1 and 1/2 inch heel is OK. a 5 inch heel? Only if you're 21. lolol

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