Thursday, February 16, 2017


I think there is a song that goes something like that.

I am in love with Regina's tiny home. I met her when I traveled down to Morristown, Tennessee a couple of weeks ago to see some tiny homes being built.

Regina was there; building hers. This is her tiny and don't you just love her stairs! 

She was a part of the ITHU (Incredible Tiny House University) that is run by Randy Jones and his team. 

Incredible Tiny Homes holds workshops that help you become a tiny house owner while helping to build it yourself.

For the cost of materials and sweat equity; you can leave in 7 days with your very own home. Subscribe to their YouTube channel so you can see more of these incredible tiny homes.When they reach 100K, they will give a tiny house away to one of those subscribers.
Just click this sentence and you can see why I'm so in love.

Regina's home is exactly what I envisioned for mine. Hers is 24 feet of sophistication, diva-ness and sexiness.

She had her home delivered (or you can drive your own away but you must have a F-150 or heavier truck to do it)

Most homes weigh between 8,000 and 13,000 pounds and Randy makes sure you know the weight before you pull it onto the highway.

Regina's home features a U shaped kitchen with refrigerator, induction cook top and she will have a convection oven/microwave. She has a FULL bathroom. Yes, you read that right. A 5 foot tub, 24 inch vanity and flushing toilet. (No composting toilet for her either)

She was on FB live while her home was being delivered and it looks even better in the Florida sunlight.

She has become my new "woman crush" or maybe it's her home that has become my 'crush'. She has been very gracious in allowing me to stalk, I mean bug her, and ask her tons of questions about her build, her life in her tiny and her plans for decorating. 

The one thing she suggests you do before going tiny. PURGE! She purged a lot of her things before moving in. (she is coming from a one bedroom, thousand square foot home) but she finds that she still is making those trips to Goodwill and the Salvation army. I am sure they are happy to see her.

Her new 'tiny' home is 260 square feet.

Purge like your house is going to be demolished and you can only take the important stuff.  The key is to do it at least a few months BEFORE you move into your 'tiny' .

So, now you can see why I am in love with a tiny and you would be too if you just step inside of one.

Thursday, February 9, 2017


So if you haven't heard, I'm building a +TinyHouse and have been open to all of the possibilities that come with it. 

Except one.

Composting toilets!

Um, NO, No, Hell No and Aint No Way In Hell !

OK, so I know that some of you might not understand my STRONG dislike of composting toilets. Well let me explain the ins and outs of composting toilets 101.

First, a composting toilet is just what is sounds like. It composts your waste and then you can use it on your gardens to grow that really good veggies. 
OK, so I think I just threw up a little bit in my mouth with that sentence.

Second, I don't like smelling my own poo let alone having it in my home, un-flushed, for at least 6-12 weeks at a time. Oh, it gets better.

Third and this is for the male population. You can never, ever ever STAND to use the bathroom.  This is because your 'aim' wouldn't be good enough to make it in the small opening that the urine is to go in. (See the picture)

So the whole idea behind a composting toilet is to minimize your carbon footprint by eliminating the over usage of water. So in terms of the composting toilets, most of the time you will see these on boats (the smaller versions) so that fishermen can fish without having to worry about pooing in the river. (insert gross face now)

OK, back to the explanation. 

Composting means that when you go to the bathroom, you will divert your urine into a holding tank; that you will have to empty at least once a month. 

Stop! I have included two pictures so you will understand what I am talking about. See the container on the front; with the black strap. That's for your urine. The crank on the side is for 'mixing' and the larger part at the bottom; well that's the part that holds your poo.

You mean my urine will be in a container, in my bathroom for a month? YEP but you can empty it every day if you like but that's not the objective. And where would I empty it? "oh, anywhere that you can rinse it away with water. Or maybe just in a spot that you know won't run back towards the house".

Oh, did you miss the part that your urine and poo can never mix. Or maybe you have figured out that your poo can never be near, around or close to water.

So when you poo; you open a little trap door in the toilet, 'do your business' as I was told and then you will use saw dust or peat moss to cover your poo. You will then crank a handle (that sits on the side) and "mix" it until the poo is covered. 

Yes, you read that right people. You mix it like you are mixing up a mud cake.

Now here is where it gets interesting. You can NOT put tissue of any kind in the composting toilet. You have to wipe and discard of the tissue in a trash bag. (here is a use for all of those grocery bags you have laying around your house) You could even use baby wipes but again, don't put it in the toilet.

To wipe the toilet; you can use vinegar; but don't let any liquid fall into the section that holds your poo. "The smell will not be a good thing." And that is EXACTLY how it was told to me. Oh and then make sure you watch what you eat because maggots could be a problem. But that's "a simple fix".  Just empty your composting toilet into your garden and start again" Yeah; I couldn't believe it when they said that to me either. (I can see some of your faces already)

Can you imagine if you are having a 'stomach issue' one day. The splatter alone would make you go running to the gas station or to the nearest Lowes or Home Depot to install a regular flushing toilet.

If you don't believe what I am telling you; please feel free to look up +NaturesHead composting toilet on Youtube or Google it. You will be amazed.

Now do you see why I just CAN'T do a composting toilet and lucky for me; I don't have to. I may be going tiny but I haven't gotten to the part that I want my own poo to be taking up residence in my house with me. 

My bodily waste and I have an understanding. 

When I 'release' you from your internal prison; you and I will never interact again. That is how it is supposed to be.

Wednesday, January 25, 2017


Last week I told you all about my dream of going TINY and it has spread like wildfire.

I have spoken about it so much that I one of my co-workers has convinced her husband that they need one of their farm.

At first he wasn't into it and then she told him all about me and showed him some of the sites I had been visiting and showing him videos.

YES, if you search +YouTube   you will find lots and lots of videos on companies that build tiny houses. You will find lots of people that are 'living tiny' and lots of people in the process of building their tiny house.

I am going to have the pleasure of visiting one such builder on Feb. 6 in Tennessee. His name is Randy and he is the owner of Incredible Tiny Homes. He also is the brain child of the "BUILD YOUR OWN UNIVERSITY" in which you build your own tiny house in about 7 days. 

Not to worry because he has skilled electricians and plumbers there to help you with your 'TINY" build. 

There are lots of people who want to live tiny but don't want to give up the comforts of modern living. Who said you had to?

I am not giving up anything. I will have a FULL sized kitchen. Which means regular kitchen appliances. I will have a FULL working bathroom. No composting toilet for me. 
Side note: I'll have an entire blog on that on a later date. 

I will also have a dedicated living, bedroom and sitting area. No sharing of space for me. 

So if you don't think you can live in a tiny; its fine. No one is forcing you but I saw a video by comedian Steve Harvey that said, "Who are these people that want to live in Tiny houses? Why are their standards so low that they can't dream to live in a bigger house. If you want to live in a tiny house, you are stupid." Yep those are his EXACT words. Well Mr. Harvey I'll tell you what is stupid.

Stupid is the judgement of people who CHOOSE not to waste money for 30 years paying a mortgage for a home that they CAN'T afford. Stupid is the thinking of small minded people who judge others because they choose to think for themselves and not like everyone else.

So while everyone else pays, on average, $1800 to $2000 a month for a mortgage, I'll pay $400 a month for 2 years and OWN my own house that I can move to wherever my mood takes me.

Yeah, if that is being stupid; I'll take stupid over being smart any day of the week.

Wednesday, January 18, 2017


What do these two things have in common?


I am so excited to announce that I am purchasing a tiny house and will be writing full time.

What is a tiny house?

It's just what it says; a house that is tiny. Normally a tiny house consists of square footage that is no more than 500 square feet.

If you want to see the type of house I want; Take a peek at it right here

If you scroll through the pictures, you will come across one that is near a pool; that is what the outside of mine will look like. Looking further at the pictures; you will see one that is mostly white. That would be mine!

I found this builder and have fallen head over heels for them. Some people might call it stalker; I call it admiration.
This is a local builder, located in Virginia, specializing in tiny house: Tiny House Virginia

I fell in love with the tiny house movement about a year ago. I watch TINY HOUSE NATION faithfully every week and if I can't; my DVR records it for me.

I have found many tiny homes via YouTube and if you want to see some of them, check them out on my subscriptions: Tiny House Videos

I have decided to take the leap of faith and become a full time writer and I will use my tiny house as my office and I will have all of the comforts that I need.

Some people use their tiny home as an in-law apartment. Some people use them as rental properties.

I plan on taking mine on the road! I plan on parking it in an RV park or campground. I want to move around every couple of weeks for the new scenery.

I am so eager to begin this new journey and will post updates as they come. 

Wednesday, January 4, 2017


Well here we are; 2017.

Was anyone ready for this year to begin?

I wasn't but you know what; I am not going to stress about it.

This year I am not making any resolutions. I am simply going to enjoy this year and as a matter of fact, I'm going to enjoy EACH DAY.

I learned that I allowed stress to rule 2016 and it didn't do me any good. I also learned that you can't change people's actions, words or treatment of you. However you can change how you deal with those around you.

This year I am going to do one thing and that will be to be TRUE to MYSELF.

What does that mean?

That means I will not allow anyone to stress me. I will take each day as it comes. However that day ends; it will stay with that day. Each day will be approached with new eyes, new hope and new dreams.

Every day begins fresh and so should we.

Each day is a promise of something new. Each day brings a new chance to do something you haven't done before.

My goal for this year is simple: ENJOY the day that I am given and never worry about what happened the day before.

My motto for the year will be:


What is your motto going to be this year?

Wednesday, December 28, 2016


It seems as if 2016 flew by in a blur.

For most of us authors, it was a year filled with lots of activity. There were lots of edits, rewrites, conferences, submissions and rejections that occured in 2016.

For 2017, it may be filled with the same but how will you approach it?

Will you take what you learned in 2016 into 2017? Will you submit your manuscript to more publishers? Will you rewrite that manuscript in your desk drawer? Will you attend another conference or maybe your first conference? Will you look at those rejections with new eyes and make improvements on your writing?

Whatever you do in 2017, remember that being an author is a privilege that a lot of people WISHED they had the courage to do.

Remember that you, yes you, can improve on being an author if you do one simple thing.

Be the best author you can be.

That means; attending workshops, conferences and seminars geared towards your genre of writing. That means not limiting yourself to one specific audience. That means taking time to market yourself to everyone; not just your family and friends. That means taking a leap of faith and submitting your work to a publisher, editor or doing it yourself.

Whatever you do; do it to the best of your ability.

I hope that your 2016 ends on a high note and that 2017 begins on a higher one.

See you in the new year.

Wednesday, December 7, 2016


On December 6 80+ authors met for their annual author dinner at The Old Europe Restaurant on Wisconsin Ave in Washington DC.

This is an event that is put together by +Dan Moldea  is something that all of us look forward to. This is an event that requires only two things.

You have a published novel and a check for $35.

It's that simple.

There was a room full of authors that write everything from literary works to fiction and we all get to give a 20 second elevator pitch.

We sit with our fellow authors and talk about everything from politics to the upcoming inauguration.

Take a look at all of the pictures that were taken last night and if you want to get on this exclusive list; please leave a comment below.

We also get to take lots of selfies....