Thursday, May 30, 2013

Social Media Mistakes You Want to Avoid

In the age of Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and many other social media outlets, you don't want to become known as 'that' person.

You know who that is. It is the person that uses ALL CAPS whenever someone says something they don't like. They are the people who use the forbidden four letter words. They are the people who call you names when you express an opinion.

Yes, they are called "those people" to the rest of us who follow all the rules.

Here are five things you should know before you log into your account today, tonight or tomorrow.

Number 1: Don't lash out.
It's hard to deal with criticism from others but if you don't want people's opinion, than don't put it out there.

Number 2: Don't buy followers/fans.
The more people that 'follow' you or 'like' you the better, right? No! What gives you an edge, is the people that 'click' your content, not the number of people you have on your page that never click a thing you post.

Number 3: Don't create fake comments.
Never comment on your own posts. Create 'call-to-action'  For example: "Like this post if you agree" or ask questions that entice people to respond.

Number 4: Don't be Mrs. and Mr. Spam-a-lot.
We all know them. They are the people that we see post something 15 times in a row. The same thing! over and over and over. Don't be one of them.

Number 5: Don't plagiarize.
Stealing content is a sure way to make 'social media" enemies. Give credit where credit is due.

Like I am about to do.

These tips are courtesy of +VerticalResponse and I think they are the best thing all of us can use, especically us authors.

Remember this; the simple things that we do on social media will translate into our names being known for good or evil.

Let's hope that everyone that reads this post, takes at least one tip and uses it everyday. For those of you that do all of those tips; thank you.

If you have more tips, feel free to share them here.