Monday, May 6, 2013


Today I'd like to make a confession. I have committed a crime of the heart. Many people will condemn me but I must come clean.

I confess that I am a cheater. I've done it over and over and over. I have tried not to but it is just to easy.

I want to apologize to him and hope that he forgives me. Here goes:

I've cheated on my books with...gosh this is so hard...with my KINDLE...ok, I said it.

Yes I feel better. But I would do it again..and yes, I did it just before writing this post. I can't help myself.

There "she" sits, with her pink jewel case and her black shiny buttons and the glowing screen...I can't resist her. I don't mean to pick her up and bypass my book but she calls me, I swear she does.

She keeps sitting there, looking at me and I can't resist her. When I open her up and slide my finger across that screen, she is happy to see me. She lights up and her face is glowing and I can hear her saying, "I've missed you B." and I whisper..."I've missed you too."

Then I catch a glimpse of him. "He" sits on the same nightstand. On his pedestal, on his high-horse and judges me for not picking him up. Then he throws himself down...falling to the floor. Making me put her down to pick him up.

That's when it happens. I dust him off and as I go to put him back. He purposefully jumps from my hands, landing on the floor, upside down; to the page I stopped on..drawing me back into his world and then...then...I sneak..and read him...I don't let her see.

I turn my back to her, reading him in silent and trying to muffle the gasp or the laugh when I turn his pages and he has pointed out the next scene to me. Then as my eyes tire and he tells me it's ok to put him back, I turn over and there "she" is, she has gone quiet.

I touch her and she doesn't respond and just as I reach past her, the bump causes her face to light up but now, she is locked and doesn't want to be disturbed. So I close her case and wait until the next time.

Now I have to choose. Do I give in to her demands of time, or do I give him another chance. Either way...I'm to exhausted to think about.

They were both holding me hostage! It's a vicious cycle and I had to put an end to it. I had to confess because the guilt was strangling me.

So now you know. I've cheated but I have learned my lesson.

...wait...what's phone...what Droid...I can't hear want to read to me? I shouldn't...

Shh, ok...just don't tell 'them'..ok....