Wednesday, July 31, 2013


In the news in the past month there has been star after star being arrested for doing something illegal.

The Ohio State football player was suspended for teh entire upcoming season because he was under investigation for assaulting a young lady. (at the time of this writing; those allegations have proven to be false)

The NE Patriots player accused of one murder and possibly of two more.

Makes me wonder..what the heck are these people doing and thinking? Do they not understand that they have such a great opportunity that many people aren't given and because they want to or just think they can get away with anything; they throw it all away. My son is a semi-pro football player and I am constantly telling him about 'friends' or wanna-be friends and knowing the difference. My words to him are, "Son, don't find yourself in a situation where your friends are doing wrong and question your loyalty. You better know that your friends will forgive and forget...your momma won't".

As adults we need to realize that what we do in our private lives can affect our public lives. What we think we will get away with will always catch up to us.

So for those children that you see screaming at their parents in the store or running around refusing to listen; know that it didn't start a year ago. It started when they were two years old and their parent told them to do something and they said, "NO" and the parent didn't correct that behavior. What are they thinking?

Well, my children didn't have the option of saying no. Sure they said it but I corrected that behavior by reminding them that it wasn't a choice I was giving them, I was merely being polite.

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