Thursday, July 18, 2013


I know you didn't think I was done with the shoes, fun and all around good times that I had at +ThrillerFest, now did you?

I learned a lot of things on how to "Buzz My Book" from +MJ Rose and +Meryl Moss

They invited people to stand up and say one line about their novel..."but don't go into plot" MJ Rose warned, "or I will stop you."

After a few people went, I got a nudge from the president of Intrigue Publishing, to Buzz you book....I let one more person go by and when they announced 'we have time for a couple more'..I took the chance.

I sheepishly put my hand up and they picked someone else but happened. MJ Rose called on me...I was up! It was my turn...dear lord, please don't let me become a rambling fool!  

I stood, straightened my shirt, pulled in a quick breath and said, "My name is B. Swangin Webster, but really its Sandra and I write under that name"...and then I felt myself getting ready to slip in the bumbling, rambling stage...I had to think quick or they were going to make me sit down.

I found the courage and said, "I'm working on a novel about twin sisters, who are killing off professional men and it's called The Stiletto Stalker." was over, I couldn't sit down fast enough and then it happened.

They both lit up...well at least I think they did, and began to tell me how great that idea was and how I should find shoe stores, small ones at first and set up signings in would be a great place...but not right now...maybe in the future...but according to Meryl..."that's such a great title...and great shoes".

Oh my gosh! She noticed my shoes....and you could peel me from the ceiling...Me and my green shoes were a hit...they gave me the confidence I needed to buzz my book...and I kept that momentum going all weekend. and my shoes, made a big splash... stop shopping for more shoes and finish #TheStilettoStalker before next year...