Thursday, July 18, 2013


I know you didn't think I was done with the shoes, fun and all around good times that I had at +ThrillerFest, now did you?

I learned a lot of things on how to "Buzz My Book" from +MJ Rose and +Meryl Moss

They invited people to stand up and say one line about their novel..."but don't go into plot" MJ Rose warned, "or I will stop you."

After a few people went, I got a nudge from the president of Intrigue Publishing, to Buzz you book....I let one more person go by and when they announced 'we have time for a couple more'..I took the chance.

I sheepishly put my hand up and they picked someone else but happened. MJ Rose called on me...I was up! It was my turn...dear lord, please don't let me become a rambling fool!  

I stood, straightened my shirt, pulled in a quick breath and said, "My name is B. Swangin Webster, but really its Sandra and I write under that name"...and then I felt myself getting ready to slip in the bumbling, rambling stage...I had to think quick or they were going to make me sit down.

I found the courage and said, "I'm working on a novel about twin sisters, who are killing off professional men and it's called The Stiletto Stalker." was over, I couldn't sit down fast enough and then it happened.

They both lit up...well at least I think they did, and began to tell me how great that idea was and how I should find shoe stores, small ones at first and set up signings in would be a great place...but not right now...maybe in the future...but according to Meryl..."that's such a great title...and great shoes".

Oh my gosh! She noticed my shoes....and you could peel me from the ceiling...Me and my green shoes were a hit...they gave me the confidence I needed to buzz my book...and I kept that momentum going all weekend. and my shoes, made a big splash... stop shopping for more shoes and finish #TheStilettoStalker before next year...


  1. This kind of input is what makes attending conferences so valuable. And of course, you are SO media friendly and marketable. :-)

  2. I love that title! and the shoes are cool too!

    1. thanks..and I saw the cover website you sent me...great site!

  3. Actually, that is a unique approach to a thriller. I like it. I'm not sure how far along you are with it, but if you were to ask me what I would do with it, I'd make sure the twins hide the fact that there are two of them. One could always be in the public eye while the other was doing the deed, thereby providing a built-in alibi to cover their murderous ways. Yep. It's been done before, but what hasn't?
    Best of luck with it Sandra.

    1. Thanks for the comment...but every book has been done before....just not with shoes!

  4. Sounds like a great experience. I bet your shoes are very proud. Haha.