Friday, February 8, 2013

Never to young for shoes

In my world, where shoes rule everything around me, I am still amazed that things shock me as they do.
My youngest daughter will give birth to my fifth grandson in June and she is so excited. That's another story for the medical journals. She has been 'nesting' already, which for her is a huge deal. She has scoped out things she wants and has even gotten my grandson (name to be determined) into the act. She posted on FB that "my grandson saw the crib he would like to sleep in". That is so funny because he is only the size of a mango right now, but I digress.
She went window shopping this past weekend and today she showed me what she looked at. Cute little jeans and a cute little shirt from H and M and also some hats. NY Yankees blue and Pittsburgh but couldn't find the all elusive Dallas Star. Then she showed me the cutest pair of shoes. Ralph Lauren sneakers, just the cutest things I had ever seen.
Then she said, "well, your grandson HAD to have them, so I bought them". What? Uh, what? You bought him shoes already? Her response, "well, he gets it from his NINA (that would be me)
So, my new grandson will be just like my other grandchildren and have a love of shoes.
Well, they have to learn from someone and why not learn from the best, right?


  1. That little guy will be filling those shoes before you know it! And by June I suspect he'll have a Dallas Jersey as well. ;-)

  2. Congrats on the new grandchild. I have three now, and I told my kids that three were quite enough. As far as shoes go, in my experience, guys don't really care about shoes. Usually they have three pair: two dress (black & brown), and one pair of sneakers. Sandles and flip-flops don't count.

  3. Yes, there will definately be some DALLAS blue tennis shoes for him as well as baby clothes. Wow...three pairs of shoes...I feel faint.....
    Ok, I'm fine...but I don't know what I would do if I only had three pairs of shoes...well I normally have 3 pairs of shoes PER DAY on vacation...does that count?