Monday, April 16, 2018


Spring came upon us in March. 

Winter came back two days later.

What is going on?

If you are a writer, you can use this time to write some really great novels or scenes. A murder that occurs as a new snowstorm blankets DC or a romance that happens on that first warm day that allows you to sit outside.

We have to use everything around us to make our novels realistic when we can.

How many times have we read a novel and thought, that can't happen? Or why did they do that?

Readers will take you to task if you get a detail wrong. 

Of course they think they know every location in your novel because they have been there, even if it doesn't exist.


Because they identify with the descriptions that you set forth.

You should always allow your surroundings to envelope your writing. It will be a new dimension to your writing.

So get out from that office, or reading nook. Take your laptop, sunglasses and a nice snack and head to your local park. Grab a park bench and just sit for a few minutes then, write that scene that you thought you were stuck on.

Getting out into the fresh air does more than clear your head, it actually gives you ideas.

So Spring is here...take full advantage...the weather is warmer and so are your ideas.

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