Tuesday, October 25, 2016


That is the dreaded 3 W curse.

If you are an author or writer AND you work a full time job than you know what I am talking about.

Working while writing or maybe its the other way around, writing while working is very hard to do.

Why? Because you know you need to write but you are sitting at your desk at work.The choice is hard. Or is it?

For me, it's not. I simply close my door for 30 minutes and I write. I hate that this thing called a full time job gets in my way at times but I have to still pay bills until I take that leap of faith. side note: I'm taking that leap in December.

Some people waste a lot of time gazing off into the world or surfing the internet while working. Yes, I have been doing the same thing. However, I learned recently that while those things are very fun I could be doing something else.

I could be writing.

So when I have the urge to surf, gaze or wander aimlessly around in my head listening to the birds tweet or the crickets chirp, I pull up my trust WORD document and begin typing a new scene.

It didn't happen overnight, trust me. It took days of retraining my brain to go into the creative side instead of the lazy side. It took days of me forcing myself to sit down in my chair instead of just looking for someone to talk to and it took days of me aimlessly playing solitaire on the computer to say, hey you...you are a writer; now get to writing.

So what are you doing that is stopping you from using that creative side of your brain? and whatever it is; try redirecting it so that you can finish that novel sitting in your computer just waiting for you to finish it.

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