Monday, December 16, 2013


I talked myself into a book tour. Yes, that's right; I am going on tour with two lovely ladies and we are #BDOT or #BookDivasOnTour.

This brain child came about as yours truly attended one of the divas book launch in September, +KR Raye is a local author who just released "The Colors Trilogy" and while talking about our respective journeys I blurted out. 'We should go on tour. Diva's on Tour could be a hit!" and she co-signed it.

Oops, did I just say that! Did I just commit myself to being on a book tour with so much stuff already going on. Yep! I damn right I did.

If I don't promote myself, who will? Besides I knew it wouldn't be hard because all I have to do is buy some killer shoes, get some books in a suitcase and pack. How hard could that be, right?

Well, when you factor in the commitment's I already have, it is going to be hard but fun! Imagine three women, oh, did I forget to mention that +Dee Lawrence would also be on tour with us. This diva is another hard working sister and with the three of us; this is going to be a great time.

So, you need to get ready. #BookDivasOnTour is hitting local cities in 2014 and we are looking to have some fun with you. Are you ready?

Contact my publicist, Sandra Bowman at: to book us in your area.

We hope to see you soon.

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