Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Is this thing on?

Tap, tap, tap,
Uh hmm, (that's the sound of me clearing my throat)
tap, tap, tap

Screech---that was the microphone.

Ok, hello, is this thing on. Can anyone hear me? Can you hear me now. Good. Do you ever get the feeling that no one is listening to you, or reading your posts or your 'status' on Facebook.

I normally talk and no one, well in my world anyway, seems to listen to me.

Now, do I get upset; no. Well ok YES I do, but that is because if people would just LISTEN to me

1. They would have known about my stomach issues a long, long, long time ago and not just think it was stress. 2. They would know that when I say something won't work, it's most likely because I have done it and I know it won't work or 3. Maybe I pay attention to what people say and knew that the cherry blossoms wouldn't be out this past weekend.

But NO, no one ever listens and for that; I get to say, "I told you so". I said the 10th but nope couldn't take my word for it, you went off and got all the way there and then said, "wow, the blossoms aren't out yet."

Hmm, tap, tap, tap. I said that, I said the 10th, but I guess I didn't know what I was talking about, now did I? Or oops..wait a minute, I DID know what I was talking about.

side note: Nope, I still would not have gone just because of prior committments but you could have spent that day doing something else.

Now, granted, even though you DIDN'T listen to me, you still had a good time. Although, if you HAD listened, you would have had a great time because the blossoms would have been...well blossomed.

Maybe next time you might just say, well maybe you might be right.

Now if you decide to do it anyway, that is on you but instead of blowing me off and not paying attention to what I say, just think; "hmm, she just might know what she is talking about".

I have come to realize that it doesn't matter if anyone listens to me; as long as I am not giving them false information.

It doesn't matter if anyone listens, right. All that matters is that I am trying to give the best information as possible.

Did you hear me?


  1. Can't resist sharing that the writer of this fine blog post reported to the organizer of the aforementioned cherry blossom hunt on Friday that a web site updated that day claimed blossoms would peak on Saturday - thus prompting said organizer to err on the side of caution.

    Still, she is allowed her "I told you so." :-)

    1. Ahh, however, I have it on good authority, that the writer of this fine blog; (oh wait that would be me) also kept to her original statement of the this thing on!