Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Where do I go?

Where do you write? Well I go to my most favorite place ever.

See the window?

I just moved into a new home and inside of my bedroom there is this small closet. Now the closet is suppose to be for clothes but it has a 32x28 sized window in there. My clothes would be visible and I couldn't have that.

So...I did what any clever minded individual would do.

I turned it into my own reading, writing room.
the whole little project cost me $35 dollars. Yes, can you believe it. 20 for the chair and 15 for the bookcase. Oh and do you notice that little green number? Hehehe, that's my stiletto shoe business card holder. See, it IS all about the shoes!

All of those books you see, FREE. I got them at Thrillerfest this year in New York. (see another reason to visit these conferences)and that isn't counting the other bookcase in my sitting room. Score!

So now I go into the closet and sit and create. My laptop plugs right outside of the closet, oh, excuse me; writing room. And the light is perfect. I can sit in there for hours, and I have. #dontjudgeme.

When and if I decide to come out of the closet, it's because I want something to drink. Now to figure out how to add my single cup coffee maker.

I think I got it!

Oh the joys of being an author! So tell me, where do you write?