Tuesday, September 11, 2012


I met George, Jerry, Moore on Saturday and first was struck at how tall he was. OK, I shouldn’t have been thinking that but I mean, it has to be at least 6’6 and standing beside him made me feel like a midget, even in my 5 inch heels. But I digress. I asked him to post to my blog and he agreed. I think it was the heels. So I hand over this weeks blog to Jerry,  I mean George. Please leave him some suggestions; I’m sure he will appreciate it.
I met B. Swangin at a recent writers’ conference where she made an engaging, high-energy presentation on marketing.  Afterward, I gave her my card, so I could receive updates on her activities.  Needless to say, I was impressed by her and her presentation.
She noticed that my card included my blog address.  At that point, I reluctantly admitted that I had difficulty creating content.  She provided a couple pieces of advice, including guest posting.  I filed them away to ponder later.
Then, the next night, she offered the opportunity to guest post on her blog.  "Later" arrived much sooner than I expected, but I’m blocked writing content for my own blog, so how can I write for someone else's--a *REAL* author with a true following?
That's where fear raised its head.  What if I can’t think of anything?  What if it stinks?  I hate declining opportunities, but I had nothing.
Oh, crap. 
I wasn't ready to surrender just yet.  I asked myself what was stopping me, not only doing the guest post, but from posting to my own blog.  I'd been hovering around it for a time, and now it was clear.  Fear was blocking me. 
It’s the same fear you feel as an 18-wheeler is heading for you or when you’re walking in the woods and see a bear up ahead.  For city dwellers, substitute politician for bear and streets for woods--it’s the same thing, really.  :) 
Having fear isn’t a problem.  My reaction to it is what matters.  After all, when our ancestors saw a bear, they were afraid, which made them run--fast.  Eventually, they figured out that the bear was tasty too.  Because of that, humanity survived long enough to build cities. 
(As an aside, my wife pointed out that you could substitute possum for bear in the above paragraph to hilarious results.  Try not to laugh...)
What does this mean to me, an aspiring Sci-Fi writer or to other writers even?  Is it time to run or time for bear jerky?  I saw a graphic recently that had the words “Your comfort zone” written inside of a box.  Outside, the words “Where the magic happens” were written.
The reason I had difficulty creating content was that I didn't want to reveal much about my interests.  The catch here is that that's where my blog content resides. 
So, it’s time to set free my inner-geek (no, not THAT way).  Perhaps, I'll post about comic books.  There's some complex and compelling story telling happening in this format.  Hollywood is making movies based on comic books for a reason.  Perhaps I'll post about a new laptop/tablet combo that I have my eye on. 
Perhaps, I'll even relate how I read a short story about a starlet getting a Goth makeover (including using the words "pushup bra" and "being on display") to a writers' group composed entirely of middle-aged and older women.  It felt like the top of my ears were on fire I blushed so much.
I now return you to B. Swangin.
George G. (Jerry) Moore