Friday, August 17, 2012

Introducing...part 2

B. Swangin: Do you think there is a difference between being an author and being a writer?

 DB Corey: I think the difference between a writer and an author is the publishing part, of course. Being published allows you to claim the title of, author. But if you ask me what I am, I’ll tell you I’m a writer, unless I’m feeling especially full of myself. Then I’ll tell you I’m a novelist.

DB Corey
and his lovely wife Maggie

B. Swangin: Can you finish telling us about your ritual while writing.
DB Corey:  I get my best ideas at night, when my mind is free from the daily drudgery. Eventually I have to tie all these scenes together.  That’ when I fire up the laptop, checks emails, browse MSN, and just goof off trying to “loosen up” so to speak. Then, when I’m ready, I like to re-read the last scene or two that I’ve written, and start writing by re-writing to get to the next creative (and I use the term loosely) phase. It’s like picking up a book you’ve been reading,  but have laid aside for a day or so. You open to the bookmark, back up a few paragraphs, and refresh your memory. My writing process is much like that. Then it just kind of flows until I get tired, or my muse goes to bed.

B.Swangin: I can empathize. When your muse goes to bed that the time you should rest. Because once your muse is, things can get hectic.
Can you tell us what does it mean to you that you have a book about to be in print?
DB Corey:  More than I can convey. It was never about the money (don’t tell my publisher that). It’s about accomplishment. I’m in my 60s. I’m a middle-class worker bee. I’ve done some cool things in my life, but never really achieved what I thought I could—what I thought I should—until now. I don’t expect to become  a household word because of one book, but it’s something to be proud of, a small mark I can leave behind that proves I was here,  and I just wish my mom were still alive to see it.

B. Swangin: Well, of course it isn't about the money...well, we will keep that between I must say for 60, you look very good. I thought you were in your 40's. Maggie is a very lucky woman.
Well folks, I have to let DB Corey get back to work on his edits for his novel, Chain of Evidence and last question, when can we look for this hot new thriller?

DB Corey: Well if everything goes as planned, it will be released in June, just in time for Thrillerfest 2013

B. Swangin: Good luck and thank you for sitting down with me. Much success.


  1. Waited with bated breath...
    Rest assured your mom IS very proud...

  2. Mary, I'm glad you came back. I hope that DB knows he has a fan! I'm sure he will be stopping back by soon to tell us about his novel more and he will also introduce us to one of his characters.

  3. There's nothing like the feeling of being published for the first time. Congrats, DB, and we're all looking forward to our first copy!

  4. Congrats, D.B. Welcome to the world of being a published author. Great to have you amongst us!

  5. Thanks, everyone, for your encouraging comments.
    Best regards,
    DB Corey