Monday, November 28, 2016


Today starts another big shopping day.

If you thought BLACK FRIDAY was big; then you have never done CYBER MONDAY.

Consumers spend just as much during this day than any other online shopping day.

Please remember this as you are clicking your way around the internet.


This is the day that they may sell a year's worth of books and be able to travel to a new book conference. This is the day that you can buy a series by a new author, for half the price and this is also the day that you will discover brand new reading materials.

If you ever wanted to try a new genre, buy it on Cyber Monday.

Want to get a personalized gift for the reader in your family, workplace or teacher?

Give them a book signed by the author and you will be the best gift giver EVER!

I never liked mysteries until I read Austin Camacho's Hannibal Jones Series. When did I get it?

Cyber Monday 2011 and have never regretted it.

SO take a chance on a new genre, new author or better yet; give the gift of reading to the readers in your life.

And if they have enough books...well there are so many great gifts to give...but that's for the next blog!

Stay Tuned!

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