Tuesday, November 4, 2014


I ask myself this question all the time when the day ends and I'm still left with to many things on my "to do" list.

But...the salvation is: Time to roll those clocks back! Yippee I love this time of year..that means I get one more hour to get that to do list done.

I get one more hour to work outside getting those fall shrubs ready for the winter and one more hour to get that garage cleaned out.

That also means I have one more hour to stay up and catch that TV show that I always missed but can watch on the DVR.  That means that I have one more hour to relax before the sleep fairy invades my brain and takes hold of me and one more hour to play with the grandson who is the joy in my life.

Wait..but that means I also have one more hour to get some writing done, do some editing and create the next year's marketing budget and plan. I can also plan more time for the radio show and finish up novels three and four.

What..wait..what just happened. How is it 10 pm already? All of this time and I didn't get half of the things done, even with the extra hour.

So again; I'm left asking the question:

Where did the time go?

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