Thursday, April 17, 2014


This week has been a very good week to be me!

I was interviewed by +Kaaren Allyn of Forward Motion cable TV show

Let me just tell you the fun I had doing this. It was an incredible experience. She is the coolest Jewish woman ever!

She and I traded stories about concerts that we love, rappers that we like, (She is a fan of The Game) just like me and we also talked about seeing Luther Vandross in concert at Constitution Hall. Like, who knew this woman was hanging out at the same places I hung out.
We then got down to the interview and it was like she invited me into her living room and we chatted like dear friends.

We talked about the Book Divas on Tour and we talked about publishing, writing and most importantly, shoes!

She is a shoe diva just like me. We took selfies and had a fantastic time just chatting. It didn't seem like cameras were rolling and that we were mic'd up. The conversation flowed and the experience is one I will not forget.

The show will air on MCM Access 19 on April 29th but here is a few photos for you to enjoy before the show.

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