Sunday, October 6, 2013


In the past couple of weeks, I have attended a conference, attended a book launch at the Jamaican Embassy and given a class on marketing at the Harford Public Library.

Bethany Hacker was the organizer of this great event and let me tell you; her staff was on the ball!
From the time I walked in I was greeted like someone special. I checked in a little past 8 am only because I went to the wrong place. Instead of me ending up at the library I was sitting at the ‘administrative office building” for ten minutes before I decided to pull up my email and check the address against what I had plugged into my GPS.  Wouldn't you know, I was 11 miles PAST where I should have gotten off at so I had to go back.  See, even WITH a GPS I still get lost.

So I arrived and was greeted by a very friendly young woman who gave me my name tag, my notebook and my assignment for the day. I said a quick hello to Bethany and just like that another staff member, asked me if I needed help. I said yes and he first showed me the all-important breakfast table with the coffee, teas and assorted bagels for my eating pleasure. He then took me to the room where I would present my Marketing class.

He then showed me to the ‘presenters’ room where I got myself mentally prepared for my panel. I was on time to the room, since he had already given me directions to it and I was greeted by another very eager young lady who was going to introduce me. Wait…this is big time…I actually had an introduction and once she was finished applause (so I really didn’t need to include the applause on my PowerPoint)

I wowed the crowd…all 27 of them…yes I counted them because I was shocked! Utterly shocked that they wanted to hear what I had to say. I worried that I wouldn't have enough material to fill an hour but boy was I wrong. Not only did I fill the hour, the class went longer because they had some great questions.

Afterwards, they thanked me with even more applause. Lookahere people! I love applause and unsolicited applause it the BEST I tell ya! They followed me back and talked to me, they have started following me on Facebook and Twitter and I made some great connection.

The first ever Just Write Conference was Just Right! 

Thanks Bethany for putting on such a classy event. Can’t wait for next year! 


  1. sounds like a "don't miss" for next year, and maybe some lessons learned that can be applied to the Creatures, Crimes & Creativity conference. Good on ya, !