Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Harper Collins Presents:

Today I get the chance to sit down and interview Wendy Higgins. I found her, by accident, while stalking....I mean, trolling Twitter and I looked at her website and messaged her and she responded. I'm always surprised when authors respond to me (as I am sure people are, when I reply to them) Anyway, she agreed to do an interview with me, sight unseen. That was until I was at the Montgomery County Writers Association meeting last weekend (June 1). I was nervous but I dived in and although I don't swim, she was gracious enough to allow me to use my arm floats and answered my questions.

How did you come up with the characters in your novels?
            ~ I wrote this book for the 16-year-old me, so I thought about how I was back then—kind of naive about a lot of things. I wrote Anna, who I would have been able to be great friends with back then. And as for her counterpart, the male love interest, he was easy. I just thought of every sexy trait I could imagine—all   the attributes I lust for wrapped into one, lol. That’s Kaidan Rowe.

 <!--[endif]-->Are your books stand alone or do they have to read in order?
            ~ They definitely follow chronologically, so I do not recommend reading them out of order. The trilogy is one story following one girl, broken into three parts.

What is the biggest surprise that you have learned while being an author?
            ~ How long everything in publishing takes, and how little authors get paid.

You are with a big publisher; which is every authors dream.  What is the biggest surprise you learned while being with one of major publishers?
            ~ Publishers are a business. Yes, they make dreams come true, but they are looking at the numbers, primarily.

 <!--[endif]-->How did you come up with the concept of the cover for your first book?
            ~ The publisher came up with it. I had no hand in the covers. Thankfully, I loved it. It’s not exactly true to the events in the story, but the overall tone is spot-on.

How do you keep your audience wanting more?
            ~ It’s all about the romantic tension. ;)

 <!--[endif]-->Do you have dedicated writing time and when is it?
            ~ I write when both my kids are in school. This past year has been Mondays,       Wednesdays, and Fridays, from 9-12. It’s not very much time, but my mother-in-law and husband have set times where they keep the kids for a few      hours while I write, so I get about 15 hours a week, give or take.

 <!--[endif]-->Do you need quiet or lots of noise when you write?
            ~ I’m totally ADD.  I need to be alone with no distractions, and it needs to be silent.

Tell us about your favorite moment being an author.
            ~ My favorite moments have been when I've received touching fan letters about how my book has helped people get through a tough time, like a high-schooler who’s had her heart broken over and over by a certain boy who she now realizes is no good for her, and a female soldier who had a difficult time acclimating          back into society when she returned home from Iraq and said my book helped her. Those letters have meant the world to me, and made it all worthwhile.

Give us the links to your social media footprint.
            ~ https://twitter.com/Wendy_Higgins
            ~ http://www.wendyhigginswrites.com

This blog is about books and shoes and writing. Tell us what are you most beloved pair of shoes, and book.
            ~ My black, flat, flip-flops. I’m all about comfort and ease.
            ~ Some of my favorites Young Adult books are Poison Princess by Kresley Cole,  and Obsidian (the Lux series) by Jennifer Armentrout.

Thank you so much Wendy and you all need to take a look at her website, it is amazing and follow her on Twitter and Facebook. 

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